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Vice President Education

The VP Education handles the educational program within the club. The role involves ensuring that all members continue their progress towards their chosen educational goals. This office ranks second among the seven.

The VPE plans, organizes, and implements the meetings to fit the chosen speeches, educational modules, and related events to the members' needs. When members complete a speech or a major achievement, it is the VPE who initials the manuals or contacts Toastmasters to ensure proper recognition. New members will receive orientation and be assigned a mentor by the VPE. The VPE serves as one of the Club’s representatives on Area and District Councils.

Some specific duties of the Vice-President - Education are:

• Plans and issues monthly calendar

• Presents monthly schedule at Executive meeting and publishes monthly schedule

• Keeps individual member records

• Keeps a binder with member achievement forms for each member

• Tracks Member Educational Goals

• Solicits personal achievement goals from each member

• Administers speech contests

• Presides in the absence of the President

Important Dates and Deadlines for the Vice-President - Education are:

• Each meeting - initial manuals of members completing manual speeches

• As appropriate, complete and submit member application forms for CTM, ATM, etc.

• On-going - talk with members on their education goals

• Monthly - plan and issue monthly meetings calendar with member assignments

• Monthly - update records of individual member accomplishments

• July - participate in meeting to complete annual "Club Success Plan"

• August - conduct semiannual speech contest (Humorous Speech, Table Topics)

• September - coordinate club contest winners participation in Area contest

• January - participate in meeting to update annual "Club Success Plan"

• February - conduct club semiannual speech contest (International Speech, Evaluations)

• International Speech Contestants must have completed at least 6 speeches (Members of newly charter clubs (after July 1) exempted from 6 speech rule).

• March - coordinate club contest winners participation in Area contest