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Peter Kruty

Founder of Brno Business Toastmasters club

Product Manager, Solarwinds

I have a long history in Training, Development and Education, so it was very natural to join Toastmasters. Ever since I remember I had a passion for communication skills and Toastmasters is the perfect place to get necessary practice, invaluable feedback and meet great people.

Anna Draganska

Project Manager, IBM

In BBTM every week I meet incredible people that share my passion for public speaking, personal growth and leadership. We are a community in which we help each other be a better leader and a better speaker in a friendly and supportive way. But be careful - it's addictive! :)

Jaroslav Kováč

Founder and CEO of Home Hunters and College Living

I have been visiting Toastmasters meetings since the end of 2010 and instantly fell in love with them. Even though back then I have thought of myself as an experienced speaker, after a few meetings I have realized there is still so much to improve, that it will be a long distance run for me. More than 4 years later, I am still attending those meetings with the same hunger for improvement and Toastmasters are well able to keep me coming for more.

Martin Plsek

Regional finance manager for EMEAI at Pyrotek

I have always been interested in personal development.

Brno Business Toastmasters is a great place where you can improve your Communication and Leadership skills. And moreover a place where you can meet great people.

Ioana Florentina Pop

Business Analyst, FNZ

 To be successful you have to be a good speaker so that you can show your true value in a team regardless if you are a team member or leader. I realized that effective communication is the key to succeed and being a good speaker is not the result of how lucky you are to find the right words but the result of hard work and lots of practice.

  When I first visited Toastmasters I was surprised to see how much you can learn during a meeting and how constructive it is to speak and then receive feedback. You improve instantly, you discover that speaking in front of people is not that hard and in the end it gives you so much satisfaction!

  Why I like joining the meetings? Because I know where I want to be and Toastmasters will help me get there much faster!

Marie Novakova

Service Lead, IBM

  One and half year ago, when I visited BBTM for first time, I didn't believe how much I could personally grow - just by joining a group of people weekly presenting and listening to feedback. I learned how important and worth it is learning from my own mistakes.

  Being a club officer also helped me to discover leadership skills in myself. Furthermore in Toastmasters I met amazing people from the whole world. I don't regret joining Toastmasters! :)