Monthly Archives: March 2015

Challenge yourself in a Contest!

On 10th of March our club held the International Speech and Evaluation Contest 2015 where our members had the chance to prove their public speaking skills, all they have learned in Toastmasters and give their best.

We had Speeches in Czech and English and Evaluations in English and probably the very first time in the history of our Club two ladies will be representing us further in the Area Conference that will be held on 28th March in Olomouc.

The lucky winners are:

  • Prepared Speech in English – Tomas Galik 
  • Prepared Speech in Czech – Eva Vodickova 
  • Evaluation in English – Ioana Florentina Pop


Have you ever really considered what are the advantages that participating in a competition? There are indeed many as the competition is the ‘speaking skills booster’ that challenges you and gives you a totally different view on the following challenges such as completing your Toastmaster manual. It is a challenge because it might be one of the most stressful and demanding experiences for a club member but it is worth saying that:

  • Preparing for competition is a different level of preparation: you will use more your imagination straight from beginning to get  a great topic then you will refine it thinking ‘I compete with this!’
  • The contest atmosphere is giving you a special energy and once you accomplished your goal the next speeches seem much more enjoyable and ‘not so difficult’
  • Your confidence grows exponentially and if you also prepare for the contest the best you can, you learn how to structure and have better speeches

Anyone who joined a contest can say it’s a MUST TRY for any club member! So why not to dare next time (in less than 6 months) and see it yourself how it really is?

Good luck for all participants in the upcoming Area Contest!

Ioana Pop, VP PR