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Meeting 168 – Challenges at work

Yesterday we had our first meeting in Impact Hub Brno with the theme ‘Challenges at work’ with more than 20 people attending. It was a special event as we had Evel Meckarov who works as a Transformation Portfolio Manager at IBM and has many years of experience in building trainings and education programs for different types of audience. The Table Topics were also different thanks to Libor Mattus from Brno Toastmasters.

As a short overview, let us tell you what did we have as prepared speeches?

The Weak and the strong – Jan Grund, CC4

Should we help the weak one? This was the question asked by Jan in his 4th speech of the Competent Communication Manual and he exposed the two answers: Yes, we should help the weak ones as they can become strong and No, the strong one should exclude or even isolate the weak ones. We definitely found his opinion and enjoyed the speech ending stated as : ‘Any weak can become an IT geek’ .

Runecast – Stanimir Markov, CC4

Stanimir presented us for his 4th Project of Competent Communication Manual his Startup company Runecast and what they offer to their clients through their platform. His purpose was to inform and convince us that his platform build with 2 of his friends offers Proactive Support, Expertise, Deployment, Security, Integration and Prevention in a simple and unique manner.

Modern teaching and development techniques

We are all surrounded by education, workshops, self-help books, development articles. How to make sense of it all and how to choose the most effective development source for yourself. Evel taught us how to take it to the next level and design our own workshop or education material to be effective and fun.

The session was a true ‘wow’ for our audience as the 10 minutes of Q&A session seemed to be insufficient for all the questions we had and details we wanted to know.

A Different Type of Table Topics?

Yes, we can! Libor Mattus from Brno Toastmasters delighted us with a different type of table topics. Passionate about Chinese language he presented us 3 Chinese characters and how they are build from 2 other characters(words). The audience then had to think out of the box and explain why the specific character chosen would mean that (e.g. two characters ‘man’, ‘cloud’ would mean in one ‘to be able to , can’ so we had to think why the man on the cloud means to be able to do something).

The Club Officers are trying to do the meetings better and better so stay tuned for the upcoming decisions that we will communicate in the following days!

Hope to see you next week,

Ioana Pop