Meeting 173 – Club Officers Elections

Yesterday we had our Club Officer Elections and we must say that our president managed to make us nostalgic about the Toastmaster year 2014/2015 which went surprisingly fast!

It was the meeting of retrospections with emphasis on the activities done by Club Officers however we didn’t give up on our core meeting roles: speakers and evaluators. For the curious ones, here is what actually happened during the meeting:

We had two prepared speeches: Simeon with Project 2 from Competent Communication manual talking about his current passion – teaching to share the knowledge accumulated as professional. A subject close to his heart he said as he is providing courses to his IBM colleagues regularly (up to 25% of his time!). Then we had Anna with Advanced Manual – Speaking to inform project and she told us the secrets of what to do and how to do when your luggage gets lost while travelling by plane. Things to keep in mind: don’t panic, don’t leave the airport without a reference number once you reported the luggage loss, get a phone number where to ask for information about its status and ask about the compensation package!

The prepared speeches were evaluated by Josef and Martin and they both gave pertinent suggestions and praised the good preparation of the speakers!

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to Elections: Mary, the Toastmaster of the meeting had a presentation about each and every officer role for everyone to know what these roles imply and require. Then Simeon held an absolutely amazing press conference with our current president Jerome. There were so many questions asked and we found important information about the club activity during this year! The officers team was successful as we had monthly meetings without exception, everyone was involved in raising the meetings content quality and we supported each other as friends and colleagues!

Obviously the last part was the highest-pressure one. For each officer role the candidates had to come on stage and tell in 1-2 sentences why they want to become club officers, what is their motivation for it. We are pleased to announce that all the officers have been elected by 100% votes ‘FOR’ from the present active members.

Here are our new officers:

President:  Ioana Florentina Pop

Vice President Education: Pavlina Marsalova & Simeon Iskidzhiski

Vice President Membership: Jana Weinlichova & Jan Grund

Vice President Public Relations: Josef Hertl

Treasurer and Secretary: Martin Plsek

Sergeant at Arms: Eva Vodickova

Big congratulations to our new crew that will start its activity on 1st of July and good luck in the new roles!

Ioana Pop, VP PR


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