Is there life after the Competent Communication manual?

Any new member finds out quickly that in Toastmasters we use the Competent Communication manual to learn how to prepare for the 10 speeches we need to have to achieve our very first goal. It seems to be not such a long way there so once you’ve earned your Competent Communication designation, you’ll likely find that you want to continue developing your public speaking skills. One way to do this is to immediately begin working on advanced communication designations, such as Advanced Communicator Bronze, Advanced Communicator Silver and Advanced Communicator Gold.

For each of these advanced communication designations, you must complete the five projects in each of two advanced communication manuals (there are additional criteria for the Advanced Communicator Silver and Advanced Communicator Gold designations).

The complete list of Advanced Manuals is:

226-A The Entertaining Speaker

226-B Speaking to Inform

226-C Public Relations

226-D Facilitating Discussion (formerly The Discussion Leader)

226-E Specialty Speeches

226-F Speeches by Management

226-G The Professional Speaker

226-H Technical Presentations

226-I Persuasive Speaking

226-J Communicating on Television

226-K Storytelling

226-L Interpretive Reading

226-M Interpersonal Communication

226-N Special Occasion Speeches

226-O Humorously Speaking

The challenge is that it is very difficult to decide which advanced manuals you may want to choose, when all you have to go by is a picture of the cover of the manual and the very brief description offered on the Toastmasters International website. When you see the 15 titles you cannot actually figure out what are the requirements of each project in it and decide which manuals best suit you.

As ‘Yes, there is life after the Competent Communication manual’ and quite an exciting one, we will briefly take you through each of the manuals every week to help you decide  which will be the next to choose on your Advanced Communicator track.

More details on the first manual, next week.

Ioana Florentina Pop, VP PR

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