Meeting 175 – Know when to say NO

Another great meeting, this time with the theme ‘Know when to say No’. From the very beginning we found out that especially ladies have difficulties to say ‘no’ even when they would like to say it but in the end it’s our own decision on how we respond to a challenge.

With a lower attendance we learned from Mary that we need to ‘Keep calm and be polyglot!’. Her project was to convince us about the benefits of knowing multiple languages and the fact that to learn a new one can be done in less than 6 months given you have the motivation and a good technique.

Tomas presented us the Advanced Communication Manuals and the 210 combitations of these manuals. It was a very useful session with details on each and every manual with a categorization and tips on why/how they are useful.

For table topics Hristo surprised us with a different approach than the one we are used to. He explained that there are powerful words that help us convey a message and using a top of the most used words combination he asked us to do impromptu speeches!

As a bonus for those who are still wondering why saying no gets you ahead here is a great article from Fortune magazine:

See you for the next meeting!

Ioana Pop, VP PR

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