Project 7 Research Your Topic – The magic solution to lose weight

This was my project number 7 where I had to research my topic. As I am quite concerned about my health and especially losing weight and diets, here is the result:

In the European Union member states, somewhere around 60% of grownups and more than 20% of school-age children are overweight or obese. This equals close to 260 million adults and more than 12 million kids.

On average, one in five Europeans tries to lose weight by following a diet at least once in every two years, according to “Diet, Cuisine and Cooking” a GfK study conducted for the Wall Street Journal Europe.

Has anyone here ever had weight problems, or do you have someone in your family or among your friends who is overweight? How do you think it feels?

Being overweight or obese it is an issue and I am not talking now from the ‘being popular’ or ‘fitting in a certain standard’, I am talking about health. We all know that obesity generates serious health problems: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, some cancers and I am sure that most of us try to fight against it by searching for the best solution.

Today, I will share with you a secret from my personal experience: the magic solution that helps you lose weight FAST, Easy and with no risks and efforts.

I was never preoccupied about weight and I felt good with myself. Up to the point when I visited my neighbour, an old lady who used to take care of me and my brother when we were kinds and who, when she saw me just said “Oh Ioana, you must have a very good life abroad as I can see, you are so fat and beautiful!”

FAT and BEAUTIFUL?!?! Ok, it might have been out of love and care but this sentence stroke me!

My first action was to quickly go home, weight myself and google what my weight means. I was surprised: My Body Mass Index was saying that I am overweight. My next steps were obvious: I needed to lose weight so this is what I did:

  • First and quickest option: Slim Body tea, the awful taste tea that completely dehydrates. Obviously I stopped using it quickly because it made me weak, feeling sick and I knew it might not be the best option.
  • I went for a healthier solution. These natural products made pills, made to fill your stomach and give you the impression you are not hungry. Decreasing appetite indeed but after few weeks of swelling these bad smelling pills 3 times per day, I was fed up.
  • A drastic measure was needed! So I bought a box of Magic Pills that I saw in a magazine that guarantees that you lose 10 kilograms in 10 days. I was impressed and obviously I bought them although they were expensive. 10 days later, I was astonished!!! Guess how much I lost thanks to them? You can guess: I was still fat and beautiful!
  • After couple of weeks I met one of my aunts who told me about a great product: milk shakes, healthy, that were meant to replace two of the meals per day. There was no secret that the shakes had to be combined with healthy food (one meal per day only), physical activity and learning how to live a healthier life.

I have to admit that this was a good solution for me. I started doing more sport, paying attention to what I eat, eating healthier and lighter and replacing breakfast and dinner with them. I am not sure if in the end was the healthier food, the sport I did or the shakes themselves but in less than 2 months I lost 5,5 kilos.

Indeed after 6 weeks of Milky Ways (I drank every day 1 liter of milk) I was really sick of it. Even the idea of white, or seeing the bottle of milk was making me sick. Yes, for short term these might be good solutions: they help you get started, you lose few kilos in short time but if we go back to exact same lifestyle we will not keep this weight long.

I realized there is no magic pill, there is no wonder shake that you can combine with fries from McDonalds, ice-cream at 10 PM, super tasty Czech food and lose weight easy, fast, with no efforts and no risks.

We need to mind what we do, how we live and try to have a healthy lifestyle: do sport, have a balanced life, manage stress and especially not trust any magic solution that would melt your kilograms overnight.


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