Meeting 178 – Unforgettable moments

Coincidence? Faith? I still cannot figure out but the meeting theme ‘Unforgettable moments’ was tailor-made especially for our Immediate Past President Jerome. We have to mention that we had the pleasure to see him as Toastmaster for the very last day of being president, on the very last day of the Toastmasters year 2014-2015.

Allow me to be subjective and say that the meeting was emotional and filled with a positive, ready-for-summer flavor. With Mary being Chairperson, asking us what’s one of the unforgettable moments of our lives and  continuing with Jerome and his calm and pleasant meeting facilitation, it was absolutely a blast!

Word of the day presented by Tomas was in fact an expression: ‘on the roll’. You cannot imagine how inspired Tomas is unless I tell you that to make us remember the expression, he brought a ‘toilet paper roll’. He made it memorable!

Just like the Timekeeper Libor who always surprises us! This time in his 4 minutes speeches he told us 3 jokes, he explained clearly the rules, he gave specific suggestions to speakers and… wait for it… He told us also a short story! That’s what I call great communication skills!

We had two speakers: Stan with Project 5 – Your body speaks and Josef with Project 9 – Persuade with power. Stan found his speech last meeting during the table topics when he picked 2 words: alone and penguins. He decided to have a real speech called ‘Alone with penguins‘ to present us interesting facts about penguins: how they walk (with examples), how dedicated parents they are and that their team work is beyond limits. Josef told us a story from Czech history with the title ‘Brave and still defending‘. He was so convincing in proving that Czech people are brave and they did supreme sacrifices such as giving up their lives to protect their friends and furthermore to protect the nation.

What do you think it happened for table topics? As Zuzana wanted to challenge Jerome,  he was also Table Topics Master! We definitely need to put on the list with ‘Great ideas for table topics’ his challenge: he gave us a book title and asked each speaker to tell how that booked inspired him/her and why. Surprise or not, we had a guest who won the Table Topics competition so be sure the topics were fun and exciting!

Wondering who were all the winners? Best Speaker – Stan, Best Evaluator – Bogdan and Best Table Topics Speaker – Constantine.

The meeting ended with another emotional moment where our Immediate-Past to be Club President handed over the new presidency symbol called ‘Brno Business Toastmasters on a roll‘ to the new president. I have to admit that I still feel the emotions of that!

The new Club handover symbol

Although it’s holidays time, remember: Brno Business Toastmasters will be on the roll for the entire summer to make your Tuesdays more exciting and fun!

See you next meeting,

Ioana Pop, last time as VP PR


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