Meeting overview

Each meeting has a prepared agenda with various roles and split in two parts. The meeting is started by the Chairperson, usually the club's president with an introduction where each participant has to say his/her name, ocuppation and usually answer a very simple question. Then the Toastmaster of the meeting will lead it and present the following roles and agenda.

The first part consists of roles such as Word of the Day, Professional Tip of the Day, then prepared speeches and evaluations for these speeches.

The second part gives the opportunity to everyone to have a short impromptu speech, see grammarian's and timer's report and the general evaluation of the entire meeting.

We have every first meeting of the month with Business theme while the rest have individual themes chosen by the members. As few examples, here are few of the themes we had:
- Yes, I can!
- Don't worry, be happy!
- Personal values

Don't hesitate to come and see how the actual meeting is, we guarantee you it's fun and you will learn a lot!

What & why


    At first sight it might be almost awkward to clap so much but in Toastmasters we use this as a tool to encourage the speakers, to thank them for talking and reduce the moments of awkward silence between roles. It gives everyone some energy and once you get used to it you'll defnitely enjoy it!


    Any guest that visited the meeting for the first time would say 'So much hand-shaking!' Yes we do! It's a professional way of showing gratitude, friendship and welcoming someone on the stage. It definitely creates a stronger relationship between our members and guests!

  • We evaluate everything! Prepared speeches, impromptu speeches, time-keeper role, grammarian and everyhting that takes place during our meeting needs to get some feedback. Evaluations are the way we improve by getting to know our capabilities and what we can still improve to become even better speakers.

  • We've been told that we act like a family - of course we do! Meeting after meeting we build our frienship and we support eachother in any way we can. The mentorship program does magic! We know eachother better and better, we spend good time during our meetings and we charish all our moments as club members. Why not becoming part of our family?